What is a DAO?
"DAO" is used right now as a buzzword, a word that has little meaning other than to drum up hype. Stag DAO intends to fulfill the term's original intent: a Decentralized Autonomous Organization.
In the truest sense of the word, this should mean that no one person or entity has direct control over anything in Stag DAO. How does the project evolve? Code changes can be proposed by developers, explained in plain English to the community at large, and finally DAO participants vote. If the vote passes, the code change is implemented, not by a person, but by automated processes that only occur following voting mechanisms being satisfied.
However, for a young and nascent protocol, this is a dangerous thing to do. What if a whale buys 51% of the supply at launch? Now they control the protocol in its entirety. All funds locked in the contract are at their mercy.
This is why there is a phased approach to DAOs. We will use a 3 phase approach explained here.
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