Elk Finance and Stag

Why Stag DAO, Why Elk Finance?

Elk is a bridge at its core. A bridge not just for value but also for data. It is a project that is designed to allow value and data transfers between protocols. Right now Elk is constrained by a lack of liquidity depth when it comes to value. When Elk was founded, AMM's were the way to gain liquidity depth. With DeFi 2.0 this paradigm is shifting. DeFi natives now realize that if we want a truly sustainable future for DeFi we can't rely on Apes (like us) to not just Ape into the next high APR project and taking their liquidity with them.
Elk is viewed by some as an index of all of DeFi and crypto: that it's value is derived from the amalgamation of all of DeFi and crypto. They aren't wrong, but it's not how we see it. ELK derives its value from its utility. The more utility that Elk provides the more value the ELK token holds.
Stag DAO is the DeFi 2.0 solution for the DeFi 1.0 problem facing Elk. Stag DAO is DeFi 2.5, the aligning of the power of DeFi 1.0 with the innovation of DeFi 2.0. Elk has a deflationary token that will not mint more than around 42 million ELK. Once they reach that cap the number of ELK will only decline, just as the number of BTC only declines. Elk is also a utility token. ELK will be required for the functioning of ElkNet, the heart and soul of the Elk bridge solution. Something developers in the know are already clamoring for.
Stag DAO will hold it's treasury in Elk LP. Stag DAO will stake its treasury at Elk via an auto compounder. Meaning that even without new money coming in, the treasury of Stag DAO will continue to grow. This also means that the depth of liquidity for Elk will increase. Increasing the utility of Elk. As the utility of elk increases so too does the value. Not only does our treasury grow in value from the trading fees and emissions of Elk, but it also grows from the ever increasing utility of Elk. A beautiful positive feedback loop.
As the first project to fully recognize and take action on the future value of Elk, we will be in prime position for huge long term growth potential. Imagine your gains when you find a new project early and are there for the first 10x or 100x. Now multiply that by an entire DAO. Our buying power will be tremendous, thereby allowing us to expand to any new frontiers that come up. Elk and Stag is the genesis but who knows what the DAO will do in 2 years time.
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