What is Staking

Staking is how STAG adds value to the protocol
Stakers earn rebase rewards by staking on the Stag DAO website. These rebase rewards come from the bond sale proceeds, and can fluctuate based on the number of STAG staked in the protocol.
Staking is available for sSTAG accrued through market purchases or through minting bonds.
Staking is long-term strategy, with no attention required
As your STAG holding term extends, so do your STAG holdings. Thus, even if the market price of STAG falls below your purchase cost, given enough time staking, you will return to your original purchase cost, or exceed it.
Staking locks your STAG, and provides you with an equivalent amount of sSTAG
Your sSTAG balance rebases (increases) up at the end of every epoch automatically. sSTAG can be transferred so can be used on different DeFi protocols.
sSTAG from market purchased STAG can be unstaked at any time for no penalty.
Unstaking your sSTAG allows you to retrieve an equal amount of STAG, and burns the sSTAG
Unstaked sSTAG does not receive rebase rewards. But any that remains staked is still eligible and will continue to earn rewards through rebasing.
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