Stag DAO
For the moment the DAO exists within Discord. We will expand upon this facet of Stag DAO as quickly or as slowly as the community that makes up the DAO wants. If Discord serves our needs for the first year of Stag DAO, wonderful. If we out grow Discord in 6 weeks and people are clamoring for something beefier to organize their thoughts and conversations, we will begin to explore what that looks like.
"Honestly, I don't care about your DAO. I'm just here for the gains."
That's fine as well. Not every community member needs to be an actively participate in the DAO. Not every community member needs to 3,3 and be altruistic in their intent. The beauty of a free market in the crypto world is you can do whatever you want however you want. Obviously we hope to eventually change your mind but we welcome purely market participants just as readily as those who are interested in building a DAO.
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