The Vision
Stag DAO (🦌,🦌) is a multi-chain venture fund with a home base on Polygon. Its treasury strategically promotes and directs the development of the Elk Finance multi-chain ecosystem.
β›“ Building our multi-chain future β›“
The future of crypto is multi-chain. But a truly flourishing cross-chain environment is currently hindered by unreliable, unsafe and inefficient bridging architecture. It is our steadfast conviction that Elk Finance is building the most elegant and innovative solutions to the core problems of blockchain interoperability - including token fragmentation, non-custodial bridging, and interchain messaging. However, ElkNet's cross-chain value transfer system requires significant depth across key liquidity pools to function optimally.
Stag DAO's treasury reserve acts as a catalyst for the Elk ecosystem, strategically allocating depth and strengthening liquidity on the most critical, highest volume network pairs.
Ω A Protocol Controlled Value project with real utility Ω
Stag DAO is launching on the Polygon network. If you are unfamiliar with Olympus DAO ($OHM) and their innovative "DeFi 2.0" model, we highly recommend reading their documentation here.
Stag takes the innovative bonding concept and gives it actual utility by using it to build depth of liquidity for Elk pairings, initially native network tokens (e.g. ELK-MATIC), which are key for minimizing price impact on ElkNet's cross-chain liquidity protocol. This creates a mutually beneficial flywheel effect. As Stag grows, Elk gets stronger; as Elk grows, Stag gets stronger.
Our documentation mainly focuses on how Stag DAO diverges from Olympus DAO. We've cross-referenced certain basic concepts for clarity, but the focus here will be signposting the areas where Stag goes further and offers unique opportunities.
🌿 A multi-chain liquidity and venture fund 🌿
Stag aims to become the first cross-chain reserve currency, leveraging Elk's expansive network and innovative cross-chain architecture to promote true multi-chain native projects, while seizing evolving opportunities for growth wherever they appear. (And let's get real: deploying a protocol on several networks and adding a link to a bridge does not equal cross-chain. Full stop.)
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