Network State at Launch
This page describes the state of the network at launch

Stag DAO Pre-Mint

We will mint approximately 45,000 STAG for the LBE. We will also mint approximately 48,000 STAG to pair with approximately 145,000 ELK the LBE will gather. This will give STAG a starting price of around 3x the price of ELK. (ELK has been hovering between $2.5–3 in recent months.)
There are no team tokens, there are no marketing tokens, the team will be Tier 1 just like you will all have the chance to be. This is a DAO from the ideation stage, through the launch stage, to the production stage.
The only thing that the team will have access to above and beyond the whitelist members is the proceeds from the NFT sales for entry into Tier 2 and 3. These funds will be used for security audits, early marketing, website hosting, and other expenses that come with starting a new project. Our intent is to be as transparent with these funds as possible.


At launch we will offer the following bonds:
    • The most heavily discounted bond. We discount this the most because it brings liquidity to the crucial Polygon gas token pair on Elk Finance, which feeds the positive feedback loop for Stag and Elk.
    • The second most discounted bond. We prioritize this one second as the ability to make large buy/sell orders against Stag is paramount to the health of Stag.
  • USDC
    • Discounted just enough to maintain 2 USDC for each Stag.


Emissions will initially be fairly high on launch to encourage people to stake and remain staked. They will slowly come down over time until reaching an equilibrium. With the goal of remaining competitive to DeFi 2.0 DAO peers while not diluting the supply of STAG.
As a project with a long term vision, sustaining massive APR for any length of time would be detrimental to the overall health of the Stag DAO project. Steady yet tangible financial gain is the goal. With those who buy and remain staked from day 1 realizing the largest gains.